LED 조명, 3D 센싱 핸드폰 카메라 모듈 ToF 적외선 빅셀(VCSEL) 광속/배광 측정 적분구 / 배광시험 / 분광분석 및 LIV 측정장비 전문업체 주)제이앤씨테크

LED 조명용 적분구, 배광기 전문업체 주)제이앤씨테크 - 3D 센싱 카메라 핸드폰 모듈, 라이다 시스템 평가 전문기업

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Hardware & Software system specification
 Prepared by: J&C Technology
1. Goniometeric Measurement System
 1-1. Circular Motion AssemblyMotion based on Precision Rotary Stage
Polar Accuracy:+/-150 o with 0.001o interval
Azimuth position0o ~ 360o with 0.01o interval
Dimension: 300x300x250mm
Sample size:Max 80mm with Transition Jig (Stroke 80mm)
Max sample size100x80mm
Z axis transitionupto 100mm
Test ConditionCIE 127 condition A, B
Max test distance413mm
OtherPlug in type with circle connector
 1-2. Spectrograph Assembly 
Wavelength Range380nm to 950nm w/ 1nm interval
Detector2048 Back Thinned CCD
Dark compensationBuilt in mechanical shutter 
Filter wheelND1, ND2 
Optical Resolution2nm
Wavelength accuracy+ 0.5nm (HgAr linesource)
Wavelength reproducibility ± 0.02 nm (HgAr linesource)
GratingHolographic grating, Flat field
Stray Light< 0.2% (ASTM E387, GG495, 4mm, λ = 420nm/600nm)
Digital Resolution16bit
Dynamic Range> 3000
wavelength accuracy0.5nm
 1-3. Accuracy 
Luminous Intensityless than +/- 4%
Stabilityless than 0.5% over 1hour
Colorless than +/- 0.003 in Cx, Cy
Color repeatibility0.0005 Cx, Cy
 1-4. Calibrated Standard Light source20W 12V 1.7A (KRISS CRM 2th)
 1-5. DC Power Supply100W 36V 3A
Load Regulation0.01%
Safety MethodOVP
 1-6. Integrated Total Operation Software  
- Beam DistributionSpectrum, Luminous Intensity, XYZ, CIE xy, uv, CCT, dominant Wavelength and wavelength purity, peak wavelength, Full Width at Half Max and other items
 Luminous Intensity vs. angle
 Color Coordinat vs. Angle
 Dominant Wavelength vs. Angle
 Luminous Intensity vs. power(DC, PWM)
- HazeRadiometric/Photometric 
 Spectral Transmittance(TT, PT, DT), Haze 
 Lab, L*a*b*, Whiteness, Yellowness, XYZ 
- Angular TransmittanceTransmittance in 2D, 3D
 Integrated flux mode 
 2D isoplot, Crosssection
2. Lamp Measurement System
 2-1. Integrating sphere 
Sphere diameter:12” aluminum 
Sphere Material: Diffuse white reflectance coatings
Coating Reflectance:over 96% +/- 0.5% Reflectance (380 to 950 nm) 
Auxiliary lamp20W 12V 1.7A
 2-2. Calibrated Standard Light source20W 12V 1.7A (KRISS CRM 2th)
 2-3. Software   
- Optical Property:Spectrum, XYZ, CIE xy, uv, Lumen, CCT, dominant Wavelength and wavelength purity, peak wavelength, Full Width at Half Max and other items measured in standard LMS software. 
- AutomationIVL (Current-Voltage-Luminance), Vf, If
 Rank and NG/OK parameter setting
   Set Max. and Min. range
   Set CIE range
3. Optional Accessories
 3-1. Sample Mounting module5630 2
 3-2. Collimated Light Source sub-assembly
Wavelength360 ~ 1700nm
Spot size10mm
 3-3. Extended Spectrum upto 950nm 
# of pixels2048 pixels with 1nm interval
Wavelength range380 ~ 950nm 
Filter WheelBuilt in filter sets: ND1 ~ 2
Dynamic Range16bit
Stray Light< 0.2%
 3-4. Spectrometer optical module -2 in 1Bifurcate optical fiber with mounting apaptor
 3-5. Industral PC with mounting rackCore™ 2 Duo , 4GB DDR3,Hard 250G,7.2K, 19" LCD  monitor

광원 및 광학 평가장비 전문 개발업체, LED 조명, 빅셀(VCSEL) 광원 특성 평가장비, LIV, 적분구, 배광시험, 온도 특성 측정, 빅셀 펄스 구동 드라이버 SMU 등 제조, Near / Far Field 측정서비스 전문업체